“They don’t like me”

It’s okay if people don’t really like you. I mean, it’s not to be rude, but when you try your best to be your kind of perfect, to achieve, to focus on yourself- when you’re more in your bubble, the world tends to let you in it. It’s not because they couldn’t love you, but they just might not understand you. They might not get it, how you grow, how you change, how you sometimes hide, or when you shine – but it’s not like they have to get it. What’s beauty without mystery and untold truths? Maybe with time, they’ll unfold you, every silk wrap around your soul, maybe someday they’ll read your heart like their favorite book. Until there, trust your instinct, be authentic to you and don’t try for them – one day, they’ll get it. ‘Til there, you do you.

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