You might fall. Fall a little or fall a little too hard. It’s often called failure, but failure must not keep its negative connotation. If ever you fail a little or a little too much please remember that failure is growth.

Failure is determination.

Failure is wisdom and knowledge.

Failure is an opportunity.

Failure is an open door.

Failure is one step closer to where you should be.

Failure is a test.

Failure makes your skin thicker.

Failure lets you know that after the fall there are higher grounds to stand on.

Failure makes you smarter. Wiser.

Failure is your school.

Failure is an asset.

Failure brings out the worst of you only so you can bring out the best.

Failure does not fail you. You are more. You are stronger and you will do better.

Failure is only a part of the process. Keep going.

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