“Are you doing what you want ?”

he asked. And that’s when it hit me. That’s when I started stressing. That’s when my whole life became questions I wished I had answers for.

Was I doing what I wanted or what I was expected to do?

You know you might not when you can’t really tell. They all say you should listen to them and follow the path they’ve been drawing for you because they have more experience, because they know better, because they’ve seen more and they know more. And maybe they do, but what if for once you decided to be really bold? What if for once you followed your own path? What if you listened to that little voice inside screaming ” do what you dream of” no matter how hard it can get? No matter how impossible it might seem?

What if you stopped being what they told you to be your whole life? What if you were just you? Plain, old yet extra you. Your little self.

So that’s that. Today I want you to stop and wonder if you are doing and being what you want to.


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