Hard Days.

Sometimes, it’s hard to get yourself to do something. To get up and stop binging on Gossip Girl – for about the fourth time this year.

Sometimes, it’s just hard to remember why you’re doing it or why you should be doing it. Where you’re going when all is so uncertain and to have faith when you’re moving into space not really knowing what is going to happen. Other times, it’s just hard. Simply hard. Days like that when the earth seems to be rotating the opposite way and that the world is kind of out of its track. Days like that when nothing seems to go like it should.

And you just stare at the ceiling wondering what am I ever going to do?

When in fact you kind of know what you should do.

I mean – I know you know what you should do.

But I know also that rising and shining is probably not going to happen right now, or later, or even today – and that’s okay. Everyone gets those days.

That’s why I am telling you this: stick to the plan. Or some sort of plan …

And if you don’t have one, well think of your plan, sit down and write it maybe, or just think about it. What do you want your tomorrows to be like?

Once you know, days like that are still going to happen, but at least, you’ll have steps to follow. A baby step is always better than being static right?



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