Routine = key to success

The only way you can make sure you will have the time to do all that you have to do and want to do is to know when to do it and how long you have to do it.

It’s to work on it when it is time to work on it. It is the consistency of habits you create for the life that you want to create.

Whether it is on your body, on who you want to become, on your career, on your personal goals, on your grades, you have to work on it if you want to get it.

Problem is: it’s easy to not know what to do when you have nothing to do and to fall in a pattern where you can’t accomplish as much as you wish because you can’t manage your time well or you can’t really tell what are your priorities.

– It is still a struggle for me too.-

But the way I found to solve the problem is – the magic word – routine.

Construct one that matches the person you want to be, your goals, your career. Construct a routine that is only yours. Designed for you. Make it special. Make it as extra as you are. It will keep you right on track so that you don’t fall out of line.

-Not that success is a straight line, but daily habits and consistency are key to make something big happen.

Remember, every great motion is a succession of small gestures.


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