Judging eyes – taking a look at yourself

After I’ve read Dale Carnegie’s book ” How to make friends and Influence people ” there were few principles that hit me.

“Never judge, criticize or condemn someone under your judgement, opinion or in a position. ”

It is impartial in a way I’ve never realized before.

Let me tell you that it is so easy to fall in the trap; because judging and criticizing without knowing is a specialty many of us are capable of.

But how awful it is. Not only for us to always have assumptions of the worse polluting our minds … but for them.

For those people who you’ve never let a chance, a doubt and on who you didn’t even ask – those people who are burried under your judgmental eyes; you’re hurting them, and you don’t allow them to be better or to be something else then what you see them as.

If this vision you have of them is negative, they might never feel good enough. And they’re probably so tired of proving you wrong that they don’t even want to try anymore. And that’s the greatest tragedy of all times.

They’ll hate you for that.

Look at the world with kind eyes.

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