A bit of you and me

My mom told me – ” we all have some thinking to do to understand what is stopping us from being the best version of yourself.”

And I don’t know, it made me think a lot.

When I stop for a while and I look at who I am I can tell I am more than what I decide to show, than what I decide to do, than who I choose to be with or how I choose to be with them.

And it is weird because I know how I want to be with everyone and everything in my life, but I struggle to find what is the obstacle between me and me 2.0.

It’s like my old self and habits follow me like my own shadow. And it has been for years now. I used to be someone I didn’t like and I decided to stop being that person, and it worked. Yet, I can tell I am not who I want to be. I can tell I’m missing something. Is it just me?

I think somehow every single one of us can understand how it’s hard to conceal who you used to be, how they used to see you, how they used to feel about you to who you are, who you want to be and how the world will now look at you.

Good new’s, things change and people too. I met an old friend of mine, we’ve lost each other through years because I was trying to be someone I was not while he was tired of how the vision the world had about him was not allowing him to grow and be better.

A few days ago, I saw him, and we talked. I was fascinated at how he was able to reinvent himself and be exactly where he wanted to. He had work to do to achieve everything he wanted, but I could see it when he spoke that he was following his dreams and his heart. It made me happy. Here was in front of my eyes the living proof that anyone could do it too.

Moral is: think about it, know what is stopping you from being exactly where you want to be with yourself, and let it go. Work on it every day, move mountains. Don’t be afraid of what you are looking like from the world’s eyes. You are much than what they see and you are everything you allow yourself to be and to do. The world’s vision of you will accord to your actions. I promise.

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