I wouldn’t call myself a cold human being. But when I really love, I do get cold. I don’t know exactly why, maybe loving too much is something too scary for me to deal with. And I get mad, and I get annoyed, and I am exactly the opposite of who I want to be.

Well, it is always time to change how you love.


Love exactly how you want to love. Love in the most loving way. Be kind, give goodnight kisses, say what your heart says. Be nice to strangers even when it is not easy. Be nice to the ones you cherish even when it is not easy at all.

It might be weird at first to show people how much you care, but believe they will get used to it, and they can only appreciate it. It might be weird at first because they never knew, and that’s why you should let them know.

Love because between a world of love and hate, love is a much nicer place for everyone.

Say exactly what you want to say. And when you get mad, remember how love is much stronger than how mad you can get.

Change how you love because they will not know how you feel unless you love them the way you actually love them. Show them you love them because unless you do, they will never get it.

Change the way you love to turn your life around.

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