The best of us

” There will always be someone better than you.”

I think that’s lame.

It is the greatest sentence – and biggest lie-. It tells you not to give your best because you can’t be the best. And this is lame.

Their talent doesn’t take anything away from you.

So go and be the best. Try your best. Give it your 100%. Not because you want to be the competition, but because we can and I hope we all make it.

Be the nicest. The most charming. The smartest. The sweetest. The kindest. The A+ student. The best daughter or son. The best friend. The best in your domain. Be the best.

Because if you don’t get it to your head that you can and that you will – you won’t make as many great achievements as you possibly could.

There is a world of possibilities that are only waiting for you to try.

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