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Worth it

As autumn is blowing its frisky wind on us, and we have made our resolutions for this exciting new beginning, we also are pretty much already tired.

But, with your coffee in your cold hands, you still dream of the exact place where you want to be.

And being honest, you still have to put on that glowing attitude and make sure you are perfect.

I mean nothing is really that perfect.

But things are as perfect as you put your mind to it – and so are you.

Be perfect. Your own kind of perfect. I don’t care if you fake it until you make, you’re flawless in the process. Dream big and don’t be afraid to hustle. I know having this attitude is hard to keep and sometimes you just want to get a decent night of sleep, do nothing and scream to the world all you’ve been doing because no one really seems to appreciate it these days.

But get up, and keep going, you are behaving so well, and you have something to be proud of. Things are not perfect yet, but it will be soon enough – when you are ready for it.

By then, take a deep breath, let light flow in your veins, ambition rule your mind, and smile. It will be worth it.

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