Colors of you

My feet are cold this morning as I silently go upstairs to make some tea. Trees are finally starting to catch up the colors of the season. Maybe it’s time that we catch up as well.

It takes a lot of courage to stand for yourself, know what you want and reach for it. It takes a lot of heart to take the risk to let the world see who you are, to let them see you as you are.

You don’t have to be what they expect you to, you can be yourself now, it is ok, with courage and kindness, hold on to your faith and take a turn in your life.

If seasons can change, so can you and so can your life.

You have to do it for you. You don’t need to be stuck in labels, in reputations, in words they drawn on you with time.

It is something you learn, it is something you have to teach yourself to let down your own walls and stand proud. It is never too late to be seen as we truly are or to be better or to do more or to be more. And it is far harder than it looks like, to let yourself be yourself. Usually, we don’t realize that we are not what we show the world. Yet, you can’t act like yourself because you’ve been playing the role you’ve learned over time. But today is different, today you leave the image of you behind if this is not who you are or who you wanr to be. Today, you stand for yourself.

Leaves of trees grow, mature, change their colors, fall and come back stronger. Maybe it’s nature showing us the way.

To my dearest friend, with love
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aerial photography of a mountain
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