A+ student

It took me a lot of time to realize that being average in my classes was not enough and that school was not there to give me a diploma so I could get into another school to get me another diploma so I could get a job afterward. It took me long enough, but once you discover the secret, you can never unsee it and stop giving it your best shot.


You might be in high school, college, university, in a steady 9 to 5 job or you might read under the light of your bedside table when no one else is bothering. Somehow, you have to learn something new every day, in everything you do. No matter where you are, what you do, you learn every day.

And there is no doubt that learning is demanding, but knowledge also is power. You can learn from books, from internet, from experience, but you have too. And you can’t just learn when you feel like it. It is important that you give it your best shot whenever you can.

Knowledge gets you places. Knowledge makes you different. Knowledge makes you smarter. Knowledge builds awareness. It develops your capacity to find solutions. It helps you go through life. But knowledge is also success. If you really want something, you are going to go and get it,

And to get it you have to know how to.

To know how to, you have to learn how to.

Education is the steps to progress. Your own and everyone’s.

Being an A+ student in life is the greatest asset you can get.

The smarter the further you go.

Everything you absorb makes you more capable of doing whatever you truly want to do. From a math problem to keeping your calm in a bleak situation – you have something to learn from it. Remember.

Keep reading, keep learning, keep being attentive, there is a lot to be taught.

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