It’s rainy outside, just like I love it. Cold and drizzling, the air is filling my lungs. In this comfortable temperature I feel at home, yet I’m scared, yes, I am still scared. 

Being afraid is natural and if you are not afraid to lose, you are not playing enough. You are not giving it your all or all it’s potential. If you don’t feel shy of telling your dreams because they sound impossible, then you are not dreaming enough. If you are not scared that it might not happen, you are limiting yourself.

Once you realize that vision is the first step in action, you’ll start making a life for yourself. The more you’ll see it in your head, the more you’ll want it. And this desire should push you forward to make the impossible, possible.

Be obsessed if that is what it takes. Be so in love with your vision that you have to make it reality.

Don’t wait for your life to change, Don’t be afraid of the storm, be the storm. Why settle for the drizzle if you can be the hurricane?

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