Audrey Hepburn

I’ve loved her since I first saw her and it’s been so for years now. She remains my biggest inspiration.

I can’t really tell why I was drawn to her. Maybe it is all in those mysterious hazel eyes staring at you through old photographs. Or her mystic yet unexplainable beauty. Maybe it is how she remains an icon years after her death for the uniqueness of her personality. 28d2480b5634906f3f0c198194459074I don’t know, but I do know that whenever I wonder how I am going to do something or I don’t know what to do, I think of her.

” What would Audrey Hepburn do ?” – a famous sentence that serves me every day.

I admire her endless elegance, the way she walked graciously through this world, I hope one day I can be as graceful and gracious as she was and remains. I love how she didn’t care if it seemed impossible, she would go for it, she believed in herself, she made a statement, she was not in standards of beauty, yet she is one of the most remembered beautiful women of all times.

Nevertheless, she was much more than gorgeous. She was incredibly smart, funny, classic, delicate, talented and kind. When she would start something, she would go through it and give it her 100 %. She gave her time to those in need, she loved her family endlessly.audrey-hepburn-1953-roman-holiday-gregory-peck-dvdbash9.jpg

They say she would never tell she was hurt because she didn’t have too, her eyes would tell you -this is one more thing I can’t get enough of, I hope I can master such peace inside my storm someday.

They also say she is unforgettable. That, once you’ve crossed her path, she was like a light in the dark, and once you’ve seen her, she was a friend or in your memory forever. She had a great laugh. She was determined to live life her way, she had so much faith in herself and her only secret was to be generous, kind and to give your best. I believe in that.

I admire her for her simplicity. In her elegant simpleness. I admire how she could hold in her traits so many contrasts – how delicate and strong she was, how elegant and clumsy. How she was the first and the last of her kind.

And I guess that is how I intend to live my life. I hope I can do something as honest and pure of my days as she did of her life.

I hope I can go through as gracefully as she did, grateful in every step of the way. I hope I can live as a muse just as she was for Givenchy and for the world.



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