Blair Waldorf

Isn’t she iconic?

I know she is flawed, but I guess that’s what I like the most about her- I really just relate to who she is and if you’ve watched the show you know how she went from being B to Queen B.blair

She had lots of obstacles through her life until she figured out what she wanted and who she wanted to be.

And as much as I am not a skimming Pro like her, her story made me feel a lot better about myself, more powerful and confident.

She never apologizes for who she is, she is just Blair Waldorf. She never was the prettiest, but she sure was the smartest and most determined character. She is the hustler, the lady, the dreamer and the helplessly romantic.

Nevertheless, when she wanted something she would never stop until she got it.

queen BShe is smart and clever, she proved that you can always turn your life around and rule the world if you have a bit of faith in yourself.

She knows that when she gives her best, she is the best. Don’t we deserve to all feel this way?

She only collects A+ in class but this is the type of results she expects from herself in every sphere of her life.

I love her manners, her sassiness and how present she is for the people she loves, I admire the way she loves unconditionally.

And I love her dresses, stockings, and handbags because who wouldn’t?

She might not be real, yet she inspires to do better and to get what you want. No excuses.



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