My dream is also my nightmare

I mean, am I the only  one this morning who woke up, looked at how early it was, knew all that I had to do and wanted to hide under the sheets? 

– Now that I am on the exact right track for all my dreams to come true, I am not so fearless anymore. 

Now that you are stepping in where you wanted to be, now that you are truly diving in it, you might realize that it is a hell of a lot of work. Jokes aside – now that you are in deep waters, you have to swim.

Swimming. No excuses, you just have to go. Yet, you don’t feel ready. You’re getting cold feet – even if you are already in the ocean of ambitions and floating dreams you created for yourself. The goal, that one thing you want to achieve more than anything seems lengths away.

woman in water clearing his face of water
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Scary to think you now have to swim or you’ll drown. Scary to think how much you have left to swim, it seemed a lot easier when you were looking at it from up there, but now …

It seems almost out of reach. It seems like you have a lot of waves to swim through, a lot of distance to go before you reach the holy ground.

You took the jump, you should be proud, now you have to keep going, keep swimming.

Have faith, isn’t better to swim harder, longer to get to the destination than letting yourself float right where you stand? You can do it, you know how to swim, and you’ll get stronger on your way there, you’ll find boats to give you a ride, logs to hold on too, boards to surf on big waves, you’ll get here if you put in the time and the effort.


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