“I’ll do it for you”

“I just hope you know that when I don’t know why I’m running breathlessly, I remember I am doing it for you.”

I don’t care who it is, how many people there are behind this force of being, if when you close your eyes you can only think of one person to keep going on for or if you see multiple faces.

When you don’t know the why and the how, remember who was standing by your side, who believed in you, who was praying for you when no one else did. Remember who is yet to come in your life and deserves the very best of you.

Remember who counts on you to change the world.

“I’ll do it for you” I whispered. ” I know” he answered. I’d change the world so you see it a better place. You make me strong, powerful, faithful. You make me taller than I have ever been. You make me want to move mountains. I’d do it all for you.

When you see a wall, climb the wall, for all those who want to see you up there and all those who don’t.

city sunset sunny man
Photo by Negative Space 

Climb the wall so you can give them all they deserve and the greatest version of you. The strongest and wisest one. Do it for all those who are out there silently praying that someone like you will come in their life to make it a better existence.

Do it for yourself first, always, but you can always remember to do it for all the unknown faces you can meet, to do it so you can open your heart to the right people, to do it so you can have a chance to cut the chain for a change, to do it so people feel lucky that you exist, to do it for all those who wanted to see you fail, to do it for all the ceilings you can break with them, to do it for all the memories you want to build with them, to do it for all those you can help, to do it so you can give your hand to other people, to do it so you can be a muse and inspire people to do more and to do it better, to do it so that the ones you love get the best life and best of you.




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