“Destiny is for Losers”

At least, that’s what Blair Waldorf said.

Nevertheless, I bet we could all use a bit of the advice.

Mulan was scared, but she didn’t become a princess waiting in her bedroom, she got up, saved the country, met a handsome man for herself and became the princess of China and one of the greatest soldier in history.

Ariel did not like her life, she was stuck, but she got out of the water, out of her comfort zone, grew some legs and got the life she thought she deserved ( and met a handsome man for herself, but I mean, no need for a partner when you believe in yourself, sometimes you just need that little extra push to get you through, Eric was right there for her).

Cinderella’s life was miserable, but she made herself a dress, went out that night and with the help of her network (yes, we are talking serious business out here), kindness and irrevocable faith that things would come out fine, she got the life she could only dream of.

So “Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.”

Take that magic wand and create enchantment for yourself, be a goal getter.

battle black blur board game
Photo by Pixabay

Have faith in yourself and not in destiny, because the only person you can always rely on is the one you see in the mirror. Hard work gives good scores. And if you don’t get the results you wanted, work harder, be stronger and smarter, you are just one step closer.  The game is only over when you stop playing,  or when you let them play your turn. You can turn yourself in the piece you want to be.

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