Luckily for me, October is knocking at our doors. It came a little too fast for me to notice that it was wrapping its orange arms around me. It felt warm this morning as I was curling in my silk sheets not sure if I wanted to open my eyes or not. There are my studies rubbing thoughts in my sleepy brain, my side hustles brushing their fluttery wings in my face, looks like the world won’t wait for me this morning. Is it always like that on Sunday?

After yesterday’s hard work / longest day ever, a long bath was mandatory. The Sunday ritual requires a breakfast in front of Funny Face and a face mask. This new month was about to start, a few hours left, I had to be ready for it. Anyway, isn’t this what Sunday is for: making sure your empire doesn’t crash?

This month, we shall grow and glow. May we fly ourselves to cloud 9 like bosses. There is still a lot to do, but we can work on ourselves and find ourselves there, one thing at the time. Today is Sunday, and today you are making sure your week is happening in bold letters, filled with success and opportunities, and if not, we are going to make sure you can handle it.

This October, we focus on our mind so we can build a better future, we focus on our souls so we can be the very best version of ourselves and we focus on our bodies so we walk through life healthy and looking angelic ready to break ceilings.

This Sunday, we clean the mess we’ve made this September, and we walk disposed into October ready to conquer whatever is presented to us.

Take your agendas, pen in hand, shall we? We have a world to make.

Carry on troupes, we are moving forward to a brighter future. 


action america architecture avenue
Photo by Nout Gons 

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