Someday, you will wake up and be exactly where you want to be. Everything you’ve envisioned, everything you thought you could only dream of – you will be there.

All you work and efforts will pay.

All your time and energy will be rewarded.

Someday you’ll get there. If you really want it, know you can do it.

Say yes to do everything it takes. And don’t stop until you are satisfied.

portrait photo of daisy flowers
Photo by Dids 

Be brave enough to make out of your dreams a reality.

Cheers to you if you already do.

Cheers to you if you try.

Cheers to you if you want to.

Someday, you will thank yourself for closing your eyes on things that were not worth your time, negative thoughts, the bad vibes. You will thank yourself for thriving, keeping on prospering and flourishing. You’re blooming into something beautiful. Keep pushing, someday, you’ll get exactly where you want to be.

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