Living up to your expectations

As Thanksgiving is storming in with its pumpkin pies and joyful family times, I still get to say: I have a lot to do. 

Today is post no.50. Isn’t this as sacred as Chanel no.5? 

Anyway, I am prepared, late nights and unbreakable work ethic are key to success and I now realize that whatever I want, if I do enough, I get. 

No need to say that whatever you must not stop until you have it. 

Thanksgiving weekend is no exception, it is just a lot more fun. 

Fresh air filling your lungs and the tip of your fingers already getting cold, you have vision. You can imagine how it would feel like at this time of the year in the city of your dreams chasing your aspirations.

There are always obstacles on your way and sometimes people will not react how you wish they would because they don’t understand really where you want to go and what you want to do.

gray high rise buildings
Photo by Essow Kedelina 

Being who you are and having the courage to do things up to your own expectations and not settle for any less than what you know you can do is always something hard to do.

Something hard to assume. But once you do, don’t let anything take you down, go ahead and walk with your head high. Be proud for every little step you accomplish.




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