Dear Huckleberries,

October as debuted in strong notice and Thanksgiving was done in tradition. Pumpkin and hot chocolate, laugh and family.

We started early to get the best of our day.

At 9 am, after a tractor ride, we ran into the vast pumpkin’s field and found the biggest ones. Dirty and freezing, we dragged our treasures to our cars. Excited, we went to the market to run some errands so we had the necessary to make the best of dinner.42697418_301588637106891_294369252731633430_n

As we got home, we got rid of our clothing in need of a wash and in our comfortable sweaters, we started cooking. I was on hot chocolate because everybody knows I make the bests.

What would be Thanksgiving without some Thanksgiving music and everyone gathered around the table to cut the veggies and our pumpkins?

We got everything ready rather fast since we there was many of us. Soon enough we could smell the deliciousness in the air.

Suddenly, tireness came knocking gently to the window and enter home like a breeze, all of us swiftly calm. We made a fire and as it was crackling delicately in the fireplace, my boyfriend, my grand-mother, lili the puppy and I fell asleep for a much needed nap as the kids were running outside and the aunties were making the orange potage and looking at the beef bourguignon.

Later, around a table of joy and good food, we pourred wine in each glass and gave Thanks.

Pumpkin cake was served. Happiness was served.

There is something beautiful in people being grateful for having each other.

We talked for a while until it was time to go home again.

Family is not always blood. Fortunatly enough for me, this family took me as a member of theirs, this year my boyfriend was welcomed, and I felt so incredibly lucky. Existence can’t always be perfect, but sometimes, good food and tradition around the ones you love is just what you need.

Bless you and your cherished ones.

Happy Thanksgiving.

white ceramic dinnerware on table
Photo by Eli Verenich 




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