“You’re too soft”

I get that a lot. I am actually quite a bit soft as a human being. I never get applaused for it surprisingly, nevertheless, I think thoroughly that being soft is the greatest of quality. 


By soft, hear open-hearted. True to their feelings, close to their guts. Someone who holds their heart in their hands and happily gives bits of it anywhere they can. By soft, hear someone who laughs a lot, someone who speaks their truth without being ashamed, someone who’d go lengths so they don’t hurt people making their way into the world. Someone who is completely aware that you can’t please everyone but still tries because it is in their nature. Someone who never says a word wrong, someone, who cries when they feel like it.  Someone you can see the fire of rage tangling in their eyes when they are frustrated. Someone who is unconditionally passionate about whatever they are onto. Someone who loves so deeply that they know no limits to show it. Someone who lets their emotions be their strength.

Those people who like flowers open their petals to the world through the rain and the storms. Like roses, they show their thorns with pride. Through the seasons’ run, they regrow and prosper stronger. Did it ever diminish their beauty? No, they grow gracefully in adversity and with elegance, they are not to compare.

close up photo of dandelion
Photo by Jessica Lewis 

“You’re too soft to succeed in life, people like you don’t get where they want to be” I get that a lot. Everyday almost. Because when my big hazel eyes are filled with tears, they look at me as if I am weak. When I cry, it’s only to come back stronger and more determined than ever.

By the time they should have learned that people who feel so very deeply for themselves and others are now ruling the world. Feeling is a blessing that not all of us has as a gift.

But, if by any luck you are gifted, live every day and scream out loud the words burning your tongue. Being soft, being sensible, being honest, being true to how you feel will bring you places, and the world will love you for it. It takes a lot of courage to stay mellow in a world this harsh and cruel. Soft trying to hide how you feel, control yes, but there are so many ways to be a smooth yet be successful. Don’t give up on this part of yourself because they say you don’t have what it takes.

be strong enough to stay soft.

Watch me go as I conquer with my heart wide open.

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