The 5 Rules

I have five rules that are assuring that I go through life gracefully and happy. Few rules that keep me focused on myself and my goals. From when I wake up to when I go to sleep , I try to stick to my holy rules.

1. Stay pretty and by pretty I mean not only taking care of me by treating myself to long baths and Biotherm’s cream. I mean stay pretty inside out. Stay kind, generous, elegant, open-minded. Stay beautiful all the time at all costs.

2. Be educated. Have a passion for learning new things, be aware of worldwide problems. Be active to nourish your brain. Learn on subjects that make your soul vibrate. Learn to make yourself cultivated and make your mind sharper, be a solution creater. Listen in class, take classes. Learn every day.

3. Work smart. Put energy into things that matter. Pour yourself in things that have a positive impact on your life. Work smarter so as you work harder you are not overwhelmed. Know how to schedule and master your time. You have 24h, use it wisely.

4. Dress well. It’s part of the mood: when you’re dressed like a boss, you feel like a boss. I wouldn’t trade my heels for flats because I know that dressing like a queen brings on the queen vibe.

5. Make money out of things you enjoy. If you don’t like your job, quit it ( I can hear my Mom in my head ” that’s not how it works ” to me yes.) What kind of reality are you creating for yourself doing a job that you don’t like?

6. Be positive and have faith. You are as much as you put your mind to it. So wear your smile, have liquid light in your blood and go conquer the world with a good mindset. It’s all in that head of yours.

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