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Making Friends

– to my new friend who is incredibly good with people and who told me it was okay if I was a bit on the weird side. 


I have entered University this year in solo. By solo I mean, I do not know a single soul in my entire program.

This year I decided that I was going to have close friends and take care of them because I want to surround myself with people as motivated as I am, and I see beautiful souls in my classes. I remember when I used to have some friends, you know before I started questioning myself on who I was and how I wanted to be and started being socially awkward. YES, that’s me.

I have not fixed my issues yet. I am shy and making friends is one hell of a hard thing to do. I mean some people are just so charming and lovely but my personality is not always the piece of cake to deal with. I guess no one else is, but I find it hard to let myself be myself without thinking every word I say, or wondering if I said something wrong.  I’m not the one that people are questioning because I do have a resting b*tch face. I can’t control that one. I am not always easy to approach, I mean, I am kind and sweet, but to enter my bubble, there is a long way to go. I try. I swear, but I guess I should put warning signs that they will soon enter a zone of awkwardness and bumpy roads through my mind. Maybe I think a little too much to act normally. 

So, recently, I have been reading on Oprah’s case – because who doesn’t want to be friends with Oprah ?

Here’s what I have learned:

Ok. Got it. I can manage that. Yet, this does not make me any more of an interesting person. So here is my advice :

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Take a deep breath and stop thinking you’re not interesting or worthy of attention. Stop thinking too much, it makes you do stupid stuff. Breath in and smile. Listen and answer, be genuinely interested in them.  If you are, you will find genuine friends who are interested in you too.

Being yourself takes time, but don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. You can be who you want to, and surround yourself with people who’ll love you for it. Find your goal buddies, people who want as much from the world as you do. Everything will be alright.

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