Start Now

Sitting in the dull light, coffee in your hands, savoring every sip of it you think: “I’m not yet on top of the world, don’t forget it, I still have work to do and a world to create.”

You have so many projects it makes you shiver, counting down the years, you smile wondering how you’ll make it. The challenge is certainly there, but you don’t want of a boring life right? You want the life you’ve envisioned for yourself. You want all your precious dreams to come true and you promised yourself that nobody could bring you down, not even yourself.

Credits: William Marquis @williammarquis1997

So, this morning you take a deep breath, make a quick list of your duty and get ready to work. This is not the thrilling part, but you started seeing results, you know better things are to come. It’s not perfect yet, nevertheless, you know it will be soon enough if you keep the rhythm.

Don’t forget your focus points: You want a sharp mind, a healthy body, a beautiful soul and a life you can only imagine. 

Good things happen when you let them and never settle down.

Play some piano background music, and get to work. Today is a great day to start, this is the sign you have been waiting for. Start now, start small so you make big. Keep your head, your heels and your standards high.

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