You can feel it.

Frisky frisky it is this morning. The air is cold and I couldn’t afford to wear a skirt without my beloved stockings. Good news is as the leaves are turning red, the streets are getting busy.

With students in midterms or workers preparing for winter but also with outsiders working on their projects. The air is filled with the electric taste of excitement, and you shall not be an execption to the experience.

As the cold breeze penetrates beneath your jacket you feel it. You feel the inspiration on the tip of your fingers and the deternination in the bottom of your stomach.

You feel it spreading its light in you, ravaging all fear and blossoming into faith. The rage of working to get to your goal takes your breath away. You know what you are working for. You are building an empire. Your empire and you are not afraid of showing how you grow to the world.

Some say they work for the money, but I work for New York city. I work for what I have envisioned for years now.

I’ve never been, but it always has held a special place in my heart.

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