The 5 secrets to be inspired every day?

I get asked a lot how can I write every day something that inspires? If I am being honest, it is because I am inspired myself to do what I have to do, but it does not always comes easy. Here, here, I know you want to know what’s the secret of being inspired constantly … 

Therefore, you have to know that inspiration and motivation are not the secrets of success, discipline is, the rest comes after – you have to sit there and put the fuel of creativity and rage to work in yourself by yourself and be willing to do it every day. Nevertheless, there are few tricks you can use to help you do so.

Credits : Audrey Tardif @audreytarif_

Secret #1 :

The inspiration folder. Have one in your phone, one in your computer, a mood board in your bedroom. Look in it as much as you need and put in it whatever you have to to keep the flux of constant desire of greatness flowing. Quotes, images, dreams, lists, things you want, articles about people you admire – you do it so it suits who you are and what you need. Have one for school, personal life, work ethic, have as many folders as you need.

Secret #2 :

What would she do? What would that person you admire do at this very moment? What does the person with straight A’s would do? What would the person with your dream life do? What would the person I want to be do? Ask yourself the question and find the courage of doing it.

Secret #3 :

Don’t lose time on series, videos that don’t nurture your will to go through life like a boss. Listen and read things that make you want to be a better version of yourself. There is a reason why I always come back to my classics Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Gossip Girl, Roman Holiday among others and my beloved Trois semaines à Paris, I feel inspired afterward, I want to hustle. Because we all need to take time for ourselves and stop for a while, I find that stoping on things that make you want to keep going is a lot more rewarding than doing actual unproductiveness.

Credits: Audrey Tardif @audreytardif_

Secret #4 :

A Coffee and Good Music. Of course, coffee is optional, I just feel a lot more like a boss when I am holding a cup. Anyhow, have a playlist that makes you want to work and puts you in a good mood. Music helps to enjoy work generally especially when you have to be inspired. My personal favorite is Easy Classical on Spotify.

Secret #5 :

Have a routine. It requires discipline but getting into it will motivate you almost automatically. Make your routine pleasant and smart, my work routine always as remote times to stop and take a break as well as time to take care of myself and feel inspired.


Inspiration has to come from you and the best part of it is that you already have it in yourself. You just have to find how to use it daily.

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