Dear Midterms, 

You are surely driving me to insanity, yet I love you still so very much. 

There is something romantic in studying, something powerful in a student who stays up to read a few more pages, something pure in someone who tries their best to be the best. There is something in someone who wants the A+.

cup of coffee near laptop computer
Photo by fotografierende

A sip of latte, 5 more pages.

I see you, beautiful in the corner, your nose in your books, even a catastrophe could not get you to come out of your indestructible concentration. I see you, busy with your learnings, wanting to achieve more. I see you and your unbinding passion to strive for greatness and I applause all of your efforts.

I hope you do well. I know you can – keep pushing.

There is something to love about this time of the year, the hustle is the only weapon. Don’t settle down for any less than an A+. You can achieve what you work for.

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