Snow, hopefully


Between dying my hair, starting a business and midterms, my blog did suffer quite a bit, but, greatly, being back at it gives me a sense of power. I feel like I got my puzzle together again – plus, I have missed you.

 Now that Halloween’s gone, here comes the Snow. Gracious, fluttery, pure, it washes away all wrongs. Isn’t the best time of the year? I already am tripping as I gather my holiday piano playlist, sipping cinnamon spice tea, too early?

Snow says new. As you get to know yourself, you’ll find it easier to reinvent who you are in a better version anytime. You will learn the only limits you have are the ones you gave to yourself first.

I hope you take the time to write down the whitest version of you. Your purest self inked

black patio lantern beside body of water
Photo by Oleg Magni

down on a clean sheet. I hope you make it crystal clear. I hope you know how you want to feel every day, how you can take control of your life if you give it the thought, the time and the opportunity. Things can go from a 0 to a 100 really fast if you pour yourself into it. So, I hope that when you imagine where you’d be you feel all inches of your being filled with hope, faith, and determination. I hope that as the cold wind blows in your coat and makes you shiver, you keep your heart warm and soul snug.

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