All that is written is not reality, it seems like you have to do more

There is a world to make. There is a universe to create. There is so much to strive for. For all one knows, it probably is because they’ve written millions of books about it. Billions of words were shared on the topic. They have pre-made recipes for success. Stories to inspire, yet it’s funny, how you can’t pre-cook or follow the step-by-step directions for the dish because no matter how much you know how to do it or how you want it to taste like, it’s always a turning out as a surprise. No matter how much you know on the course, the ingredients and how people before did it before you -and perhaps how you should do it yourself – it’s always a lot harder to change thoughts into actions. It gets even funnier because when it’s all so clear that’s when it turns even more into a blur, because the more you go, the more you have to go further more. As it’s written all over the pages in paragraphs that turn into sentences full of words which all do in a certain way make a certain sense, it feels like actually doing what you have to do and what you know you should be doing is a lot harder than what was anticipated. Because creating routines on paper and planning your day doesn’t mean you’re getting through that day as written – sometimes your plan isn’t the course of action. 

It’s such a bummer that all we write on paper can’t fly off and bounce on the walls until it becomes real. It’s such shame that you have to work for it. But you do. No doors will open if you don’t jiggle the knot.

So when you lay at night to relax and enjoy your evening after a long day, ask yourself: what can I do more today, that will get me further when tomorrow comes?

Few more pages in a book, a quick workout, tidy up your space, drink water, write down your dreams, define your goals, finish that homework, plan that business, do so it happens. Because wanting it is not enough, planing it won’t make it happen. Do more.


Photo by Pixabay

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