Don’t go for “easy”

It’s way too easy. 

Negativity is easy. 

Laziness is easy

Limits are easy.

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What’s hard is to go beyond that. To be beyond. To be over it. Over what they say, over what they do, over what you avoid, over what you don’t go for – stop missing opportunities to be more. Be positive, focused, obsessed with what you want, be fearless, dream bigger, do more. That’s hard, that’s where the real challenge is. Strive for perfection in what you are. Strive to be this idea of yourself that you feel like is the right version of yourself. Focus on you. Stretch your boundaries, open your mind, aim at the good stuff and on making things happen for yourself. If you had to write a novel about yourself, what would you be like, would you have adventures to write? Would you be thrilled and inspired by your main character? If the answer is no, you are not living to your full potential. And it’s awfully sad. Because you are fairly a sky possibilities on your own. Be the one to be written books about because you deserve nothing less when you give it your everything. Be flawlessly flawed, authentic and strive to achieve all you want. Living as a muse is up to you. 

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