Magic Checklist

You can count on me to behave like myself.

Be a force of nature, the queen, the king, the lady, the gentlemen, the bad b*tch, the softest, the kindest, the selfish one, the strongest – hold all contrast in you like you’re the hurricane and its eye. Look at them with stars striking out of your eyes, speak with the fire of your soul, yet take the time to listen and give them honest appreciation. Be the one to lead the pack. Have strength, be the chore, be your own rock. Be gracious and elegant. Go through life graciously. Know what you want, and get it. Be the one who knows they can make a difference. Be the one who cares about themselves and others. Be the angel with the weapon. Be fierce. Be fearless. Be bold. Go through the day with grace, rise with the sun and bath your world with its light, go to bed with the feeling your closer to where you want to be. Focus on today to make tomorrow better. 

Here’s the checklist to start today. 

  • Have a shower. 
  • Clean your space and declutter if necessary.
  • Have a vision of your biggest goals Professionally, Physically, Emotionally and Mentally (which are the 4 categories you should focus on – Professionally: where do you want to be in your career, monetary, etc.? – Physically: what are your goals to be healthier and more comfortable inside-out? – Emotionally: where do you want to be spiritually, how do you want to be with yourself and others, how do you want to feel and make them feel? – Mentally: what do you want your mindset to be like, how do you want to evolve in your world, how do you see yourself thinking and acting?)
  • Ask yourself if you think this would be the best version of yourself and your life you can possibly think of.
  • Write it down.
  • Then go under each point and ask yourself: how do I get there?
  • Make the list – try not to neglect any step, divide tasks as small as you can.
  • Mark with dates when you will achieve each step.
  • Plan your days around these goals and deadlines you’ve given yourself. 
  • Find inspiration every day not to have any excuses. 

Don’t worry if things don’t go as planned or if steps are adding up along the way, It’s the process of greatness. Good things take time. Give yourself the time to be better. Give your life the time to get better. No matter what keep going fiercely and boldly. Live as a muse.

picture’s credit : @camillemicho

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