“It all starts by yourself”

he said. I sighed. I knew, I mean, I heard it before, and I get it. I mean, I see how it is supposed to be, but it’s harder to do than to say. It’s hard to be in the process, and it’s not a miracle or something that happens overnight – no matter how much I wish it was. It is about doing it and showing up every day. 

You’ve heard it too. And you know, you don’t want to fall, yet your hands are shaking. It’s a lot of commitment to give up old habits and starts new, clean slate, and focusing on one thing: the best version of yourself. They usually don’t get it that that’s how you rock the world, that’s how you make changes – by being the change. When there are excuses given not to do it, you’re the first to get up and do it. That’s hard. That’s a lot of fixing to do with yourself. That’s a lot of self-love and self-respect and self-care and faith in yourself. It’s like saying to the world ” here is where I am, I won’t be there tomorrow but I am shamelessly going forward and being the best I can be.” It’s screaming to the top of your lungs: “Hi, I love me, seriously.” It is some act of fearlessness you are not used to yet.

Being honest, you sure are not there yet, but you know that this is how it all works. It all starts by yourself. So you make sure your alarm clock is to ring at 6h am, you slip in your prettiest pajamas, drink water and hope you’ll wake up tomorrow a little more like you and a little less like old habits. 

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