Let go

A new clean space was a lot more than less of a mess. It was about letting go.

There used to be many me’s to which I couldn’t relate to anymore and as I looked at her face smiling at me through pictures on the wall, I though she thought me a lot but in order to keep moving it’s time for me to let go of her.

Most of the things I owned were her’s. The clothes, the makeup, the paintings and the photographs on the walls. So I carefully took them all off, found a picture book and placed them. Old friendship and memories I cherished but that were not part of my present anymore. I was nostalgic but happy. I donated her clothes, not because they didn’t fit my body anymore but because they didn’t fit who I was.

I let go of some pieces of who I was to fill the space in me with glimpses of the person I was ready to become.

New year, new me they say, well you can say from now on new day, better me. You do not have to wait the change of the year to reinvent yourself and to let go of what doesn’t suit you or serves your happiness anymore. Everyday you have a new chance to do better, do noy loose the opportunity as the sun rises. However if you did today, don’t worry, there is tomorrow, the next hour, the following minute or even this second if you want to let go and start again.

Take a deep breath and as you let the air out you also let the past’s ghosts float away.

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