I am almost perfect

I stood in front of the mirror, biting my lips. I wished about a thousand times that my body and my face would look different. I thought something just wasn’t right. Nothing was like I wanted. Not skinny enough, never the right amount of curves. My eyes were too little and my nose too big. That could all be true. But I wouldn’t let it. Of course, nothing was perfect, but as I put my shell pink pupa lipstick, my big Audrey Hepburn shades and a tad of blush, I felt peace. I found the wisdom to accept where I was, the courage to move forward whilst looking over the issues I had with myself and finally, the strenght to change what could be changed.

Strive for perfection within you. Within all you are and all you’re not. Do not seek “perfection” in others and do not fall into the comparaisons. Learn to work with what you have, improve what you lack and accept what you are not.

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