There’s no one like you

I was sitting at my desk when I understood that all I wanted was to make a difference, to have an impact in this world. That my existence would be seen as a positive part of the world. I knew it was a bit pretentious of me putting it in those words, but that was just part of the things I truly wanted deep in my soul. There would be no other Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly or Diana, but there was me, and maybe that was what was left for me to encounter. Maybe I had to stop trying to be someone else. That’s why I created a blog, why my dreams were only getting bigger, why I grew businesses in my head like blooming flowers. It also was why I wanted people to feel like home when they were in my presence and why I was trying to be as authentic as I possibly could. That’s why I was working on myself every single day to be better. I really just wanted to be the most beautiful soul, mind, and healthy body I could be. The person I have needed all my life was somewhere hidden in my own cells and all was left to do was let it out and let it shine through. I wanted to be inspired by who I was as much as I was by my idols. And that was driving me. Every. Single. Day

Be you. Be the best version of you. Do the work. Do the best for your body. Improve your mind. Take care of your soul. Do what’s best for you, do things that scare you, have a routine, work on what you lack, be pure and know you are perfect just the way you are as much as in the way you grow and blossom. Make of your weakness your strength and make these your signature. Let your mind be creative, save time to improve, keep the worst for when no one is looking and show a fierce face to the world. Learn to control your life as much as enjoying every little moment of it. Learn that you can do what you want to if only you want it bad enough. Then, show up every single day to get it. Be inspired by who you are and don’t be scared to show your light to the world. Someone out there is waiting for someone just like you to brighten up their days and inspire them to be who they want to be.

Photo by Nout Gons

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