It’s about time you stop apologising.

This life (bureaucracy) soon will be waiting for you no matter how hard you fight it!

I hope you are ready to be this stressed for your entire life, I mean that,s what life at work is.

Soon, you might have to work somewhere you don’t like. You know you need money in your accounts!

Find yourself a real job, you’re too smart to choose something that might make you starve.


Sounds familiar? It’s been my life and still is. My ambitious little self made my old friends fly away – they did not understand. My desire to build and my drive to succeed makes my family uncomfortable – they don’t really believe I’ll make it. I can feel it when they look at me in my big dreamy eyes. No, I won’t be a lawyer finally, but thank you. I can see it when I talk about projects, the resistance, and the judgments. No, I will not be a basic 9 to 5 worker, it’s just not for me, sorry.

Aren’t you tired of apologizing for wanting more? Haven’t you had enough of their comments?

I know I had.

Instead of letting it bring you down, use it, let it be your superpower, the one thing that gets you up in the morning, let it be what keeps your head too busy at night. Let it be your I will proove them wrong.  Let them know you had enough of having your dreams shattered.

I have so much admiration for all the people who know what they want and get it, no matter what it is, that i don’t really see any good reason why I wouldn’t do it too. I want to live my life, my hopes, and my dreams. I have so much respect for those who do. I see in the campus so many beautiful minds who don’t really know what is to come, but they just go for it. They give their best shot at what they are doing and what they want, they have a dream and they follow it. I don’t see why I couldn’t live mine.

It’s time you show the world what you are about. Be bold and be proud. Do you.

Somedays you’ll meet people just like you, slightly different, with big dreams and you find all the comfort and support you need.

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