A new way of loving yourself

Love yourself.

Here, loving yourself does not mean : love your face, your body, and your personality – for all you are.

It is important, but there is more.

Love yourself enough to do what is right for you.

Skipping the gym and eating unhealthy because you love who you are and how you look are is quite fine, but imagine if you loved yourself so much that you do what is actually good for you instead of what you feel like doing.

Treat yourself as the person you love the most. Learn from lessons daily, give yourself good fuels, move your body, acquire new knowledge. All of it because you love yourself so much that you want what is best for you. Love yourself so much that you don’t settle for anything less than greatness.Love yourself so much that you everything in your power to have the best life and version of you possible.

You have to see self love that way.

Photo by Alex Powell

inspiration : Will Smith

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