I’m not an angry bird

“Getting it” is one hard thing to do. Having a routine and working hard to get what you want is difficult. Even more when it comes to showing up everyday with the right mindset.

I guess it’s a matter of attitude and commitment with yourself to yourself. It’s to decide of your priorities and to focus on them. It’s to sacrifice things that are not serving you.

In order to really focus and move forward, you have to stop getting angry at things. You have to stop being mad over small events or inconveniences because it consumes so much time and energy. You have to move and stop playing the same scenario. Look at the future, learn from your mistake and keep going. The subtle art of holding a grudge isn’t worth it. Revenge is not elegant when against someone.

The best thing you can do is breath, control yourself, reflect on the event and use your anger as strenght and motivation to push harder.

Don’t throw yourself into the wall, fly above.

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