It’s not because I’m alone that I am lonely

Have coffee on your own.

Watch a movie alone.

Read a good book cuddled in blankets.

Have a long walk in the morning’s frisky air.

Enjoy your silence and the sound of your thoughts. No – they’re not too loud, it’s time you listen to them. You have a lot to say to yourself.

Get to know yourself as it is so easy to grow apart from who you are.

Be alone for a while. Be alone sometimes in a while.

Have some “me-time” and learn to love things for you.

Then, go to bed alone, lay to sleep in the cold sheets and the sound of your own company.

You’re not lonely because you enjoy being alone.

The more you’ll get to know you, the more you’ll find people who know themselves too. The more you invest in yourself the more you’ll define who you are. You’ll attract people with the same vibe and bond with the people who bring out the best of you. It takes time but it’s worth it.

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