Mindset switching game – improve your life.

Switching your mindset is key. Having control of your thoughts, of how you think and you see life as well as its obstacles, is key.

It’s more than just being positive.

It’s about bringing the best out of everything. It’s about seeing what is given to you and taking action in the best way possible accordingly. It’s about seeing the best solution to problems and the good answer to questions. It’s about seeing as if everything was in your favor.

Nothing will ever be perfect, yet you can see reality the way you want.

As much as I am not a Yoda of your reality and dimensions of the brain power as much as after I have tried it, I can affirm it really is what helps you make better decisions and take action in a positive way instead of being frustrated or bored. Don’t do this to yourself, you are smarter than that, you just need to switch the way you see things.

That’s why from now on when there is a difficulty coming up to you, you see it as a challenge rather than a curse. That’s why when you have to do something you don’t like in order to get what you want, you see it as a chance to learn rather than a waste of time. That’s why you take every opportunity you have to acquire knowledge in situations that could have brought you nothing if you did not pay attention.

That’s why you always focus on mindset.

Having the right mindset to set yourself the right frame to go through life living as muse and making the best of every single instant while being a better and improved person.

I always hated maths, I was bad at it all my life. It was not a lack of intelligence nor was it that I was an idiot in the domain, I just did not like it. I thought it was useless for what I wanted to do and that I could always hire someone if I needed. In high school, I passed math and chemistry at 60% and failed physics. In college, I made the decision that I’d never – never – touch a calculator or do equations ever again. I really thought I was done with it. Truth is, I could have, for 2 years I studied communication and languages and I adored it. Nevertheless, I knew that was not what I was going to do with my life because I aspired for more. I was a business lady, good with words but way too full of ideas to pass the opportunity. I entered University in Business, which is where I am now. I had to take a Finance class. At first, I was panicked, my maths ghosts of 2015 were hunting me and there was nothing I could do about it – if I wanted to have my bachelor’s degree, I had to go through with it. That’s when I switched my mindset for good. I did not want to do it because I had to, I would be bored and wouldn’t retain any information. I wanted to do it and to learn because first, well, I could, second I had something in my hands to challenge me and finally because the person I wanted to be was enough of a smart cookie to go through with it with no fear and no regrets because she (I ) would probably need it someday and if not well I would have grown a better person doing it. I wish I had switched my mindset earlier in life, younger me would have been a way better person. Still, I am so glad and grateful I did, note that it is never too late for you to see challenges the right way.

Photo by Paul Basel

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