Believe in Yourself

I mean, that’s pretty easy to say. We all use that sentence. We distribute it to friends, family and even ourselves once in a while. But in your everyday life, do you really believe that? Do you really believe that you actually believe in yourself? Do you believe in you?

You do have to admit you don’t always. How many times did you back up of something because you thought it was too much for you? That you were too tired? That you already had enough to your schedule? How many times did you not say the words burning your lips? Did take an opportunity? Lacked confidence?

How many times did you want something – big or small – and did not get it because you did not have enough faith in your competences, because you did not think you’d have the time, because you thought it was out of your straight line prepared path?

Not believing in yourself ends today. Take that class. Do that audition. Read that book. Do this new sport. Start your blog. Have a Youtube channel. Grow a business. Go for that job. Get those A+ in every sphere of your life. Take that step. Take that one step further. Believe that through all those steps you’ll end up getting what you want. You’ll grow, you’ll get better, you’ll be wiser, you’ll have more, you’ll be a go-getter. You’ll achieve more. It takes a lot of small ” I can do this” to turn into an ” I can do it all”, but you’ve got this.

Until you believe it, I believe in you.

Photo by Philipp Birmes

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