Have a vision


It comes to you like a wave raging in your heart, the feeling of falling in love or jumping down a cliff for fun.

It’s growing in you, taking all your thoughts and dictating all your acts. It gives you the strength to take the good decision and always be in action.

It’s guiding you to refuse mediocrity or to settle for anything until you get to touch and live that vision.

Have a vision. Be strong enough not to listen to those who refuse to hear it. be strong enough to hold it tight so that as you grow taller it grows with you. Have it in your heart so that when you take risks you feel secure.

Have it in you so you are fine with working on it every single day. Have it in you so it can never be tamed by anyone unless you want it to evolve.

Have a vision so it gives you purpose and faith.

Photo by Caroline Cagnin

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