Why am I still in school? – and why you also should.

I have a business, I am still in school.

I know what to do with my life and it doesn’t require a degree, I’m still in school.

I am trying to be a better person yet I am still stressing my life sitting on school’s bench.

And I get asked a lot why.

Truth? I was doing it for my parents at first. They told me I’d starve all my life if I didn’t find myself a “real field” to study in – by “real field” understand nothing that enters in the category art and entrepreneurship. Nothing that is out of the secure path provided by a piece of paper you get after spending years learning things you might not remember all your life.

But I was grateful anyway, I could study. I always thought I was very lucky so I did not say a word. Nevertheless, I wanted to make sure I’d study into something that would take me to my dream and not tame my creativity.

See, I had this vision. This really blurry yet completely submerging urge to make my own reality, and as much respect as I had for those having a degree, as much as I knew it wasn’t for me all along. I wanted to live my life as a muse and as crazy as it sounded I knew exactly how to get there, but more of it, I wanted to help as many as I could help to see themselves in the mirror and see the goal-getter I knew they were.

The only problem was, I did not know how to do so.

That’s why I entered Business and Entrepreneurship in Uni. I was following the path of marginality that was frowned upon yet, I was in a real field! I was hoping to get some structure and some advice on how to start. Little did I know that I was on to study finances, law, and management. None of these were in my “dream field” but I learned my greatest lesson: to get what you want, have as many tools as you can. I was not the future CEO of some big multi-million company that already existed because it just wasn’t me, but I went from a dreamer to a do-er. I went from fierce and reckless to fearless and smart. The more I study the more I know and the more I know where I am going. Not because they tell me how to get there nor that they push me upwards with my dreams – but because I acquire knowledge. Knowledge is power. Knowledge would make out of me a business lady. I still believe it firmly. As much as I knew that I shouldn’t mistake school with education, I’d choose my classes carefully so that I’d always get something I did not know a thing about and that could serve me later on. Also, when I had no choice to take a class which I think would be useless, I thought: what could this teach me?

Since, I’ve had a purpose in all I do. The school was not about following a path to get a degree anymore it was about having as much knowledge and holding as many tools as I could.

Photo by Nathan Cowley

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