All You Are

You’re a sky of possibilities and not all you are has to enter in a defined perimeter. If you spread like dust impelled by the wind because you graciously walk through existence in constant movement, then please be. If you’re strumming in the air like the nervous touch of Tchaikovsky or reinventing a world like Freddy Mercury, then please be. Please be all you are in all your mess and in all your straight lines. Please be all you are as you grow better. Please be all you are as you may not be an only type of flower. Please be all you are as you are the garden.

I would be sitting at my desk, looking at myself from inside out, trying to figure out who I am.

I would look at me and find so many contrasts that it would not make sense. I felt like a puzzle. A giant piece of art spread in some sort of blurry nonsense of many, many colors and textures. Even physically I made no sense, I would look in the mirror and not understand the irregularity of my traits. I felt like a complex melody, a piece only a Debussy and an Ariana Grande would’ve created together. I felt like the piano in an empty room – a little lonely until someone would take the time to learn to play. Both strong and soft notes elevating in the air. I felt like a day of rain, a clouded sky under which few smiled. Pouring on one’s skin. Letting flowers grow even if people tend to forget about it. Waiting for the perfect conditions to change into a storm. I felt like an ocean, calm on the outside, rich and vivid inside. I felt like a strong wave building up in the deep sea, waiting to be ready to hit the shore.

Photo by veeterzy

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