What are you living for?

You never know what tomorrow holds but don’t you ever simply close your eyes, take a deep breath of fresh air and just have faith?

Do you ever have a really bad day, listen to a song that soothes your soul so you’d keep a straight face until no one could be touched by your inner storm?

If it wasn’t about those moments in which you feel like the world is crumbling down, you wouldn’t know what you’d be living for.

You surrendered who you’ve been for who you are and your fragile heart is only getting stronger.

And as a feather through tin air, you dance your way through existence. It feels like it will take 100 years until you reach what you’ve been waiting, working and praying for, but tell me you wouldn’t wait for it for a million more?

If it wasn’t of that tight feeling in your stomach, the desire to accomplish, to achieve – you wouldn’t know what you’ve been living for.

And if you and your dream aren’t the greatest romance in history then do you really know what you are living for?

If you don’t feel butterflies and the excitement of working on something that makes your soul sparkle, are you sure you know what you are living for?

Because if you are writing chapters of your life – black ink on white paper – and each sentence doesn’t make you want to read the book or to pursue the writing, then are you sure you are in the right book?

Fortunately, you are the writer and thought you don’t have an eraser, you still have the pen to write the novel of a lifetime, the one that makes your heart skip a beat and makes you know what you’ve been living for.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens

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