How to get there?

Do you ever just stop for a moment and tell yourself ” How on earth am I going to get there?”

Because I do, all the time. See, I have this vision, I have a lifetime and I wonder how with the time that I am given am I going to make out of my vision a reality. I mean, isn’t there a book somewhere with all the steps written down so I can follow it as a recipe or something like that?


*takes a deep breath*

Isn’t it easy to see yourself on top already? Isn’t it a lot harder to know how to get there? I mean, everyone can dream but not everyone can do and that’s where it gets tricky because to make out of dreams a reality you can’t wait for it to happen, you have to make it happen. To make it happen you have to be pretty determinate and resilient because it won’t happen in a day, especially if you choose a nonconventional future that only you understands at the moment.

Struggle isn’t it?

But you got this, you just need a plan.

So listen to videos on Youtube from people who have succeeded before you, read books, get inspired. Value their advice.

Surround yourself with ambitious and wise people who either understand you and want the best for you or people who dream as big as you – you’ll talk about your vision, about your dreams with them and as they are an outside perspective they can help define things or review certain decisions and ideas with you that you might have seen from a little to close to see the repercussions or any better solution.

Have a few goals and write down the big steps then narrow each big step into little steps.

You will miss some steps that will come to you along the way but at least you’ll keep moving forward.

Along the way, you’ll meet mentor – to help you grow,

obstacles- to make you stronger,

and failure – to challenge you and push you towards your dreams.

You just need a plan to follow.

I believe in you.

Photo by Filipe Ferreira

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