Flowers Bloom

I can get mad so fast. It fires up my soul when people can’t see the work I am doing. My throat gets tight, my voice is shaking, my eyes are filled with tears – at this moment, I could burst into a sea of rage.

Unfortunately, the truth still is: no one sees your work or cares about what you do until they see results.

And as much as it’s a shame that they are blind to your efforts – because you are working really hard – as much as it should be your strength to push you harder.

I know how unfair it must feel because they rarely understand until they see, yet truthfully we are all this way. We can’t believe what can’t be seen.

So believe in you, do what you have to do, change the world as it is yours and make it a place where dreams can come true.

Prove to the world that those ideas cherished by people could blossom into fields of flowers. Be the one who believes that from the craziest vision grows the greatest gardens.

Prove the world that your idea can make a change. Small or big thoughts; prove them that what they can’t see is yet to bud and sprout. If your life is a curse of seasons then you’re on the verge of Spring, keep the hard work going, keep your head high and keep believing, Winter’s almost over.

Keep calm and let flowers bloom for the world to see.

Photo by Lisa Fotios

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