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A letter to my haters

I met my fan club today – I call them this way, humoristically and kindly.

It’s a tad funny because as you grow older and more mature, you look at the past with a smirk. You tell yourself that you wasted so much time on things that in the end really did not matter all that much. At the time it did, but 5 years later you frown and smile because you know it could have lasted 5 seconds.

Back to my fan club – it’s just that they really don’t like me and I mean, the offense is not taken, I have my wrongs. Still, over time, I get to laugh about the hate they spread. I’m like, geez, come on, grow up. Get over it, smile back at me and let’s have tea together.


I get that you don’t like me,

Still, I have to admit I’m pretty flattered of all the energy you put into being angry at me for something I did that wasn’t even meant to have any consequence in your existence.

I get that you don’t like me,

I mean, we all have people we don’t like. I do too, sometimes it’s out of jealousy, sometimes they did something and never said sorry, or sometimes – well – you just can’t stand them. All of these reasons are quite alright and valid despite that, you have to know: I always follow my heart.

I do not lean towards anger, I do not seek revenge, I do not spit on enemies because no one really is the target of my indignation. I’m quite peaceful with myself and when something wrong happens, I’m the last one to hold a grudge. On all occasions, I will forgive others as much as myself.

My only goal is me – understand here, my dreams, my life- always was and always will be. I am sorry if, in the curse of my pursuit, I have hurt your feelings. I try to do what I think is right, sometimes I may fail, but I always try. Sometimes, it may be hard to confine ego, but enlightenment is the key to the doors that are closed and I firmly believe so.

If truth is freedom, then let me be true to you: you may throw as many shades on me as your heart desires, I don’t really care, deep down, I’m my own sun.

Your armful words and ways are not hurting me more than they hurt you and I hope you can heal.

With love,

Only me – who’s too busy to ever hate on you.

ps.- if you ever look for something to hate on, here’s a list :

Photo by Irina Iriser
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